Personal Loans in New Zealand


How much can I borrow?


Personal Loans are our most common Loan type. They come in all shapes and sizes, from as little as $1,000 Loans right through to $20,000 Loans. You can also use our Loan Repayment Calculator to help estimate your payments


what can i use the money for?


Personal Loans can usually be used for any reason, and common examples include things like Travel, Household Bills, Weddings, Funerals, Car Repairs etc.


How long is the loan?

They are usually repaid over 1 to 2 years, but longer terms are available on request for larger loan amounts.


what will my interest rate be?


Being a Personal Loan Broker, we have access to a range of NZ Personal Loan Rates and Loan Terms, and our goal is to secure the Loan that best meets your objectives. Personal Loan Interest Rates and Terms are based on a number of Lending factors, including such things as Affordability, Age, Security etc


who can get a personal loan?

Personal Loans are for Individuals or Couples (ie not for Business purposes), and you need to be a NZ Permanent Resident or NZ Citizen to apply.

You will need to be able show income to service the loan - this could be from Wages, Benefit/ACC, or self-employed income. Your minimum income per week must be more than $400 (in the hand)

Generally lenders require a Good Credit History for Personal Loans, and you will need to be over 22 years of age.

Please note you will need to be able to provide Photo ID to apply - ie Drivers Licence, Passport etc


what if i have bad credit?

We can still assist if you have Bad Credit, however you will need to provide a good quality Motor Vehicle or Home as Security for the loan. This could be provided by a Guarantor on your behalf if this is an option for you.


We have a variety of loan types, including Unsecured and Secured Personal Loans, Car Loans, Home Renovations, Debt Consolidation and more. Let us help take the stress of your next loan.

Please note as a Responsible Lender we do not offer short term (Payday) loans. Our loans range in term from a Minimum of 6 months to a Maximum of 5 years. Interest Rates are determined on your income, affordability, credit history and security (if any), and currently range across our panel of lenders from 15.95% to 39.95% per annum.

An example of a typical loan would be;

Loan Amount $5,000
Loan Term 2 Years
Interest Rate 21.95%
Weekly Payment $69.93
Lender Establishment Fee $250
Lender Administration Fee $15 per Month
Loan Plus Service Fee (Broker Fee) $350
Sum of Total Payments $7,271.62
The maximum APR possible for the above example is 27.13%