Property Loans

Where a property is available to be used as security for your loan, we have a number of great options available at very competitive interest rates.

Property can be used to support a wide range of loan types - including such things as

  • Debt Consolidation.
  • Home Renovations.
  • Personal Loans, Travel, Weddings etc.
  • Mortgage or Rate Arrears.
  • Bridging Finance.
  • Buying a new Vehicle or Asset.

The property can be yours, or can belong to a Guarantor going on the loan with you. By providing property as security for your loan, you will be eligible for more favourable interest rates than Unsecured loans.

The Property Loan can be arranged as a completely separate loan secured behind your existing mortgage, avoiding costly break fees or mortgage restructures, and with a payment plan to suit your budget.

We can assist with property loans up to $100,000, with straight forward documentation and an easy process with minimum stress.

To get your Property Loan sorted, simply click on the Apply Now button below, or give us a call direct on 0800 GET MY LOAN / 0800 438 695.